As we meet with business leaders from across the nation, it has become clear that as the strategic objectives of numerous special interests have been stymied and obstructed at the federal level, these groups have pragmatically and skillfully redirected their efforts to enact their objectives at the state level. As a result, corporations of every size – from start-ups to Fortune 100s – are increasingly affected by state-level legislative and administrative governmental actions. Not only are these actions becoming more significant, they are also becoming dramatically more complex.

In response, corporations that previously were required to engage mainly at the federal level now must maintain a presence in – or at least a watchful eye on – state legislative activity and state-level rule-making.

With over 100 years of collective experience in state-level government affairs, public relations, marketing, business management, and media relations, the Rauschenberger Partners team provides an unmatched level of familiarity with and knowledge of state-level legislative and rule-making leadership.

We are a unique leader in helping corporations and non-profit organizations alike to, not only track state-level activity throughout the nation, but to help implement customized solutions for our clients.